What is Jack Dogg

Xavior C.S. Rhodes

Jack Dogg started out as a series of off-beat comics that I started doing to keep sane while operating a ski lift a local ski mountain during the weekday shift when everybody is at work. They were pretty much illustrated one panel short stories, plays, comics, or just about any wierd idea that came to my head that I'd find amusing -- anything from a story about an unsuccessful luggage bag company foolishly deciding to design their baggage to look like explosives -- to short stories about disasterous 'mail order bride' bandits being stopped by Wer-Bear detectives to keep them from ruining the dating site industry. For good or bad, these one panel off-beat comics that were drawn on the back of log sheets or on paper napkins at work, or on a notebook while pretending to operate the ski lift at the top of the mountain slowly started to accumulate in quantity. Many made it to a scanner and eventually enough staff members actually started to read them and thus "Cryptic Tales From the Lost Files of Jack Dogg" was born. Slowly, "Jack Dogg" made it to various publications of local college newspapers, including "WPI Tech News", Clark University's "Scarlet", Umass' "Daily Collegiate" and so forth..

Being someone who I guess likes to learn a bit, in 2004 I began a college career that more or less could be described as "sinusoidal" rather than linear. Enrolled as a mechanical engineering student at WPI, I sucked at it... I was one of those students who was the last person to finish a test, or would take 5 hours to complete a homework assignment. Revelation dawned on me that while I was learning a lot about certain skills pertaining to my field for industry, learning the abstract concepts in the maths and sciences did not come easy for me.

In the summer of 2006, while working as an intern in a Northeast University optics lab, I found myself struggling with the concepts I was trying to grasp for Optics in a physics book I was reading during breaks so I could actually look like I knew what I was doing while running a microscope there. Once again to stay sane and with a background in cartooning, I found myself making my own 'study notes' describing forces to try to figure out what the hell was going on.

After a friend of mine found about fifteen pages of notes and off beat drawings, he said, "Hey, this is pretty good. You ought to make a book out of this"


Encouraged by the revelation that there's got to be millions of kids out there that suck at learning about science just as bad as I do, like Forest Gump running across the United States and not knowing why, I found myself writing a series of 'comic narratives' that decribed how physical forces and all sorts of physics of objects really worked.
Thus, "Jack Dogg's World of Science" has found its voice in education and I'm happy to say with good reviews. Even though Jack Dogg at its core is still ridiculous literature that I pump out here and there about just about anything that comes from some random conversation I may have while hanging out with people about the stupidest things, Jack Dogg has evolved into a credible series of publications in science education, fitness, metaphysics whatever -- making it more prolific than the original one panel strips that borderline on the absurd...

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